Share Certificate & Retirement

Invest wisely and securely for your future with a Total Choice IRA. Every dollar you contribute builds upon your retirement savings and provides for a financial sound tomorrow.  The following IRA investment options are available:

Traditional IRA

These IRAs are more attractive than ever because expanded income limits mean more people will be able to make tax-deductible contributions. In addition, penalty-free withdrawals are allowed for qualified higher-education expenses and for a first-time home purchase.


Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) IRA

The SEP IRA is a special retirement plan established by Congress, primarily for small business owners and those that are self-employed.


Coverdell Education Savings Account (ESA) IRA

A Coverdell Education Savings Account (formerly known as an Education IRA) can be a smart way to save for educational expenses. Although contributions to an Education IRA are not tax-deductible, your withdrawals (including earnings) are tax-free if used for tuition, books, and other qualified higher-education expenses.

All Certificates opened on October 1, 2018 or later are automatically renewable accounts and will renew for another term upon maturity.  You have a grace period of ten (10) days after maturity to withdraw funds in the accounts without being charged an early withdrawal penalty.


What an easy way to start an investment with a competitive high-yield dividend!  With a minimum deposit of $1,000, open a 6, 12, 24, or 36 months share certificate and watch your savings grow.

Upon maturity, you may renew your certificate or the funds will automatically be deposited directly into your Membership Share Savings Account.

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