Signature & Secured

Signature Loans

These personal loans require no collateral – only your good name and good credit history.  We offer signature loans with multiple terms for up to $20,000*.

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate.  Rate based on individual credit worthiness  Payment Example: ex:  $20,000.00 financed @ 8.00% APR for 60 months equals $405.53 per month.


Certificate or Share Secured Loans

Use your shares or certificates on deposit at TCFCU as collateral for a low interest loan and keep your savings on deposit. In a sense, you’re making a loan from yourself and after the loan is paid out, you’ll still have your original funds on deposit.  Savings equal to the declining loan balance must remain on deposit in the specific savings instrument pledged. IRA accounts cannot be used as collateral.


DOW Employee Stock Option Loan

Borrow up to 100% of the sale price of your Dow employee stock.  Please call a loan officer for loan details.