Taft Employees’ Credit Union Merger

Important Information About Your Total Choice Account Number

The transfer of your Taft accounts to Total Choice (TC) took place the weekend of December 1st.  All the Taft members were be assigned a new account number on the TC system. If you already had a TC account that matched your Taft account, you will use your existing TC number.  However, if your Taft account had different ownership or payable on death beneficiaries, you were assigned a new account number for the Taft funds transfer.

All Taft Members Should Have Received a Letter with Their New Account Information:

2 separate letters were mailed to Taft members:

1) Dated 11/6/18 – For the Turner contract workers who don’t have the ability to make changes to their payrolls online. This letter gives you your TC account number and our routing number.  TURNER employees must see Yvette in payroll to make changes as soon as possible!

Read the Turner Letter here

2) Dated 11/14/18 – For all of the other Taft members.  This letter gives you your TC account number and our routing number.  Please update your direct deposits and allocations to Total Choice as soon as possible!

Read the Taft Letter here

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I still have the same account number as I do now? No! We sent you a new one in a letter. Check to make sure we have your correct mailing address if you didn’t receive the letter. Please provide us with your email address so that we can notify you of important information.

What do I need to bring with me to a Total Choice location in order to do transactions?  Bring a current government-issued ID so that we can verify your identity.  You will be required to show your ID each time you request a transaction.  The name on your ID should match the name on your Total Choice account.

What happened to my loans? Everything was transferred over to Total Choice the weekend of December 1st.

Will my loan payment frequency change? No – it was set up the same…BUT you do have to change where your payroll goes.

If I choose to pay my loan by check, where should I mail it?  Please mail to Total Choice FCU, PO Box 560, Hahnville, LA 70057